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    Improve your IT skills

    The importance of effective professional skills training has never been more evident. As skills shortages became an increasingly business critical issue. With the potential for delaying new products and services development and damage competitiveness all lead to an increase in operating costs, a matter that forced companies to work fiercely on its training schemes. At Almotaqadem, you will be guaranteed to get what you need to increase your knowledge and your professional IT skills.

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    Nowadays, being a digitally literate person is one of the essential requirements to compete in the work market. Almotqudem center is looking to be a part of the construction and development process of Libyan society and since having a new digitally literate generation is an important factor in that process, our center is interested in providing ICDL training as part of our training courses.

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    Turning Challenges of Today into Opportunities of Tomorrow

    Our expert team is able to provide the best possible quality to our student when it comes to IT training. We want to add concrete value to the career of every student by increasing the level of education and making them experts in their specific fields.

Network Solution

Nowadays, data networks have become very complex but at the same time they are very critical business infrastructure. This is because all the business components such as sales, HR, marketing and finance depend on the network to operate efficiently.

Training Solution

Our center provides you with a range of customized programs. These programs include managed training services and training needs analysis as well as non-IT skills training such as project management and business processes.

Consulting Services

Our consultants are impartial, serving customer's needs irrespective of vendor preferences. The results of our consulting efforts are tangible and measurable, helping to secure and enhance our customers' lasting success.

Our Training Philosophy

As technology is growing significantly in the last decade, it has become very vital for employees to increase their productivity, knowledge and contribution to optimize programs and invest solutions and even grow companies for their own. At Almotaqadem center we shape your IT skills and knowledge to meet your company’s goal and requirements.



  • Instructors with vast experience in their chosen fields.
  • Modern classrooms that deliver highly interactive learning experience via high quality equipments.
  • Training courses tailored for the needs of both individuals and organizations.
  • Exam room that matches the international Standards.
  • Library that contains the latest literature in the world of Technology.
  • Comforting leisured café corner for break time.
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  • Mission
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is a training and consultant center that is located in Benghazi, Libya and was established in 2010. Our institute will be regarded as the center of vocational and training excellence, an education provider of choice for career commencement and professional development to local and international communities.

We will be committed to gaining a reputation of excellence in delivering quality education services to, local businesses, and students enabling all stakeholders to reach and achieve their goals.



Our mission is to be a professional, community spirited and progressive training body, offering flexible, tailored training and education solutions designed to educate, inspire and motivate individuals and businesses helping you reach and achieve your goals and aspirations.

Locate Us:

Ideally located in the heart of Benghazi, with an easy to access location among four spacious parking lots.
Alberka, right after the police station on the left.
Benghazi - Libya
Mobile: +218 92 625 8479 , +218 91 463 0128
Fax: +218 61 223 9695
Email: info@mctc.ly